Menu | The Frontier- Frontier Wickeltaschengröße ,Frontier Select Trio. Choose three of the following proteins: Lamb Leg, Goat Leg, Beef Brisket, Wagyu Beef Ribs, Wagyu Sirloin, Smoked Short Rib, Salmon Filet, Half Chicken, Pork Shank and Boar Shoulder for $400, serves 10-12 guests. Sides: 5 cheese mac, kale & romaine salad, seasonal vegetables and buttered rolls. PRE-ORDER 3 days minimum.American Frontier Clothing and Accessories | Atlanta CutleryFeb 02, 2020·The Frontier Shirt is a Very nice Well Made item. the stitching and seams were well done and I like the all cotton fabric. If you buy one of these shirts I believe you will be pleased with this product.

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